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Now offering Telehealth services through secure video calls! 

In light of concerns regarding Covid 19, our office has moved to a Telehealth format to provide safe, secure appointment options. Services are provided in a secure HIPAA compliant format, and you can rest assured of confidentially and peace of mind. With a smart phone, tablet or computer you can engage in virtual sessions with your therapist. In circumstances where internet options are limited, telephone sessions are also offered and being covered through insurance providers for a limited time. 


Many commercial and large insurance providers are offering payment for copayment and deductibles for Telehealth services. Please consult with your insurance provider for specific coverage. 

If you are seeking or currently undergoing couples therapy, psychotherapy, or EMDR therapy, this set of interventions is also available and effective through secure video conferencing. We are grateful to be able to continue to offer this much needed therapy.

All clinicians have received Telehealth therapy training and can provide additional therapy modalities include play therapy, couples therapy and EMDR therapy via secure Telehealth measures.



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