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Professional Services

Anxiety Counseling

Are you constantly worried about the future? Do you find yourself unable to enjoy typical daily tasks/activities because you are too worried? Are you having difficulty sleeping? Do you find yourself more on edge or restless?

Child Counseling

Does your child not listen to you? Do you find yourself having to redirect your child often? Does your child display behavioral issues?

Depression Counseling

Are you having trouble getting out of bed or feeling unmotivated to complete your normal daily tasks? Are you struggling with suicidal thoughts? Have you lost interest in doing activities or spending time with others that would normally make you happy? This treatment may be suitable for you!

Family Counseling

Do you and your family struggle to connect? Are you having major conflict in the house that you're unable to resolve? Struggling to communicate with your child, adolescent, or teen? Is your family blending and having a difficult time with the transition? Have you all suffered a major loss and are struggling to process it as a family?

Relationship & Couples Counseling

Are you and your partner struggling to communicate? Have you been contemplating divorce? Are you constantly getting into fights or simply not talking at all? Do you feel like you're more "roommates" than romantic partners? Have you recently discovered your partner has had an affair?

Adolescent/Teen Counseling

Does your teen seem to be experiencing challenges and is unwilling to talk to you about them? Do they seem less like themselves, either more withdrawn, angry, anxious, or sad than normal? Is your adolescent struggling with self-harm measures or engaging in other activities that could be harmful to their well-being?

Trauma/EMDR Counseling

Have you experienced a major trauma? Do you have flashbacks or find yourself stuck re-living a memory over and over? Have you tried therapy in the past but find yourself stuck, unable to move past a certain point? This treatment may be suitable for you!

Family Unwrapping

Therapy for individuals, adolescents, couples
and families.

In person & Telehealth
New German Village location 6/1!
Self Pay & Insurance
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